About You

If you’re like many of my marketing technology (MarTech) and professional services executives, you might be experiencing these problems when writing your B2B copy or working with a copywriter:

  • Spending too much time writing or rewriting

  • Structuring complex ideas into one clear, concise, compelling message

  • Wrestling to write customer-focused copy

  • Struggling to write jargon-free copy

If you’re tired of dealing with these types of issues, you probably want to change how you write or how you work with a copywriter.

Instead of hiring a writer to write for you, have you thought about collaborating with your copywriter?

When you do, you’ll feel confident knowing that your copy is aligned to your message, goals and sales cycle needs.

If you’re thinking about hiring me . . .

Here are some signs that you and I are most likely a good fit. The more signs that apply, the better the fit.

  • You’re an entrepreneur, CEO, C-suite executive, small business owner, founder, consultant, or coach.

  • You want to put “skin in the game.”

  • You offer B2B professional services or marketing technology (MarTech) services.

  • You want a seasoned B2B copywriter to structure your expertise into persuasive content (without the need for research).

  • You can make on-the-spot decisions about content and budget.

  • You understand and appreciate the value of high-quality marketing content.

  • You’re naturally collaborative; you like contributing to your solutions.

  • You’re naturally optimistic.

  • You want a copywriter who educates you with new ideas and perspectives.

  • You’re committed to spending two or three hours a week with me.

You need B2B marketing content like:

  • Blog posts (customizable packages available)

  • Sales pages, letters and pitch books

  • Landing pages

  • E-newsletters

  • Marketing emails

  • Case studies

  • Customer success stories

  • Web copy (in-depth product/service descriptions, about us, our approach)

  • Explainer (whiteboard) video scripts

  • LinkedIn profile Summary

  • LinkedIn articles

  • LinkedIn status updates (to promote your content)

  • Lead magnets: e-books, special reports, how-to guides (PDFs)

  • Customer testimonial development, including: one customer interview, an MP3 recording, interview transcript

  • Coaching: hourly sessions to fine-tune your B2B content marketing strategies or to boost your persuasive writing power

Does this sound like you? Are you ready for the next step? Awesome!

Zip on over to the Contact page and fill out the form to get the ball rolling.

Tom stresses brevity, clarity and simplicity and guess what? It works. Hire Tom Clifford and let him solve problems for you.
Kenneth Gronbach, Global Multi-Generational Marketing Expert, Owner KGC Direct, LLC
Tom has been an effective writing partner on some key, strategic content projects for my growing architectural photography business. He is crazy organized, methodical, understands the B2B world, writes compelling copy, and has taught me helpful tips.
— Heather Conley, Architectural Photography Connecticut, NYC & New England; Owner of Heather Conley Photography
Our team knew we wanted to develop an eBook, it was just a matter of understanding how we would even get started. Collaborating with Tom really helped us through the process. Tom is strategic in his process and explains everything in detail. He asks questions that will deliver the most comprehensive responses for the material in the eBook. Tom took time to understand the topic so that he could make the best use of our time during interviews and editing. He was respectful of our deadlines. Tom’s warm and positive personality helped to also make the process fun!
Thank you, Tom!
— Amy Vigneux, Director, Sustainable Building Solutions at ASSA ABLOY