Why Work with Me?

When it comes time to have your B2B copy written, you’re sure to run in to plenty of copywriters.

So you might be wondering…

Why work with me?

  • Most copywriters promise several rounds of rewrites for their clients.

  • I (and my clients) don’t need to rewrite.

  • The 5-Step Publish-Ready System enables clients to get the copy they like the first time.

Tom has a unique way of taking lots of raw ideas, sifting through them and finding the nuggets that work. He’ll give your ideas the solid structure they need so your content sounds exactly like you.
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Conventional copywriting approaches combine several sources of information to create the content. This means you don’t know whether the copy will be on target or in your “voice.” And you may be surprised when you first see the copy and find it needs several rounds of rewrites to capture your message.

My clients, on the other hand, don’t have to fiddle much with the text. That’s because I collaborate with them on B2B marketing content or other business copywriting projects to ensure there are no surprises at the end.

This saves clients the headache of having to supervise the writer over and over again.

Looking to eliminate the jargon in your B2B marketing content to attract potential clients to your offerings?

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