Getting your LinkedIn Summary and articles properly written so they attract the right prospects and customers is a tough nut to crack.


How do I know?

Because clients tell me how long they struggled trying to write their copy—but then quit.

But what if you partnered with me to get it done and off your plate?

Wouldn’t that feel pretty good?

I offer two packages that make it easy for you to get your LinkedIn Summary and articles published.

The two biggest benefits of working with Tom are: 1) publishing valuable, prospect-focused content and, 2) learning how to present my ideas in a structured, jargon-free way. These two benefits have changed the way I work with prospects and clients. I was surprised by the quality of work and attention to detail in every aspect of our work—Tom doesn’t miss a beat.
Frank T. Shaw, Revenue Marketing Strategist, Propeller

For more information and pricing on this package and other customizable packages, head on over to the contact page and drop me a note. A la carte options are available.