6 Key Benefits of Working with Tom

Eliminate hours of rewrites

Without a reliable road map to structure and capture content, it’s easy to waste time writing. That’s why I created the 5-Step Publish-Ready System. It’s like painting by numbers: follow the numbers, and your message stays on track. You won’t have to spend needless hours on rewrites. Tweaking a few words here and there is the most work clients need to do.

Conversational copy

You’re an expert at what you do. You love solving customer problems. That’s why it’s frustrating to work with copywriters who write what they want to say rather than what prospects want or need to hear. Writing conversationally communicates your expertise in ways customers understand.

Copy that sounds like you

Many copywriters write copy from scratch. That means you don’t know ahead of time whether the copy will sound like you’re the one writing it. My copywriting approach solves this problem, because the copy is based on in-depth conversations I have with you. You don’t have to worry about content that sounds off-brand—it’s always on-brand.

Goldilocks Zone content

Some copy sells too hard. Other copy is too informational. I write copy that’s in the Goldilocks Zone: it’s neither too “salesy” nor too informational. My copy seamlessly weaves your expert knowledge with just the right amount of persuasion—creating a balanced combination of education and encouragement to motivate your audience to take the next step in your sales cycle.

Quick-start templates

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to express an idea? My quick-start templates eliminate that feeling. The templates keep you focused, saving time and reducing stress. When we use the guides together, you’ll feel confident knowing you captured the right content in the right sequence for the right audience.

Create content faster

According to several B2B content marketing studies, 69% of marketers cite lack of time as their biggest challenge in creating content. Collaborating with me can significantly reduce the time required to create your content. My system has sped up some clients’ writing time by as much as 50%.

Looking to eliminate the jargon in your B2B marketing content to attract potential clients to your offerings?

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As a founder of two companies, it is difficult to make time to sit down and write an article on my own. So, it’s been extremely valuable having Tom to guide me through the process and get my own words expressed on a regular basis.
— Jason Lankow, CEO & Cofounder, Column Five