The 5-Step Publish-Ready System for Your B2B Content:

How We Work Together

According to several B2B content marketing studies, 69% of marketers cite lack of time as the biggest challenge in creating content.

That’s why I created the Publish-Ready System: a five-step process that is flexible, battle-tested, nearly 100% effective and based on 1,600+ content expert interviews.

It creates B2B marketing copy that’s clear, concise and compelling, by combining three approaches:

  • Strategic outlines

  • Interviews

  • Collaborative writing

B2B entrepreneurs collaborate with me on writing their copy.

In other words, I don’t write for clients . . . I write WITH them.

Looking to eliminate the jargon in your B2B marketing content so potential clients are more easily attracted to your offerings?

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Tom stresses brevity, clarity and simplicity and guess what? It works. Hire Tom Clifford and let him solve problems for you.
Kenneth Gronbach, Global Multi-Generational Marketing Expert, Owner KGC Direct, LLC
“If you’re looking for a B2B copywriter or content writer, look no further—Tom’s your guy. He has a reliable and proven system that saves time and makes it easy for you get the results you want.”
Jason Alba, CEO/Founder of

    Outline the content


    Every project, from a short blog post to a long e-book, starts with a discovery and outline session. We determine the audience, their challenges, the solutions they’re seeking, the features and benefits of your offering, typical objections, a call to action, and more. Once we determine the project needs, we then write a detailed outline. This outline focuses your content on a clear, concise and compelling message.


    Write collaboratively


    We use Google Docs when writing your copy. Clients like this approach because they can see the copy unfold immediately. They can approve it or change it as we progress through the copy. If we take the interview approach, the audio is recorded so I have an accurate transcript of what was said.


    Review, edit, format


    I review the copy we’ve written and then format it using a variety of techniques to make it easy for readers to read and act on, including:
    ・Magnetic headlines
    ・Snappy introductions
    ・Bold subheads
    ・Suggestions for using hyperlinks, photos, illustrations
    ・Short paragraphs
    ・Questions that engage readers
    ・Bullet points
    ・Numbered lists




    It’s difficult for anyone to proofread their own copy. That’s why I send every project to a team of professional proofreaders—so you can look your best. All copy is reviewed by two professional editors—that’s two sets of eyes to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation or typographical errors.


    Deliver copy


    You’ll receive an editable Word document. Some clients keep the copy exactly as it is. Others make minor word revisions, a process that is fast and easy with this type of document.