Thomas Clifford | B2B Copywriter | Certified Content Marketer

How do you remove jargon so that prospects
and clients clearly get what you're saying?



I'm Thomas Clifford, a B2B copywriter and Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer.

If you're a B2B business owner, CEO, executive, consultant or coach who provides consulting services in marketing technology (MarTech) or professional services, I'll keep your content free of jargon. 

Your marketing content then becomes readable, conversational and attractive to potential clients (so you can grow your business).

The problem with jargon is that it confuses potential clients.

You understand what you’re writing, but potential clients may not. And they’ll hesitate to tell you they’re confused because it makes them feel not-so-smart. The result? Fewer prospects contact you.

Traditional copywriting methods that are effective for selling consumer goods often fail to capture the expertise of B2B entrepreneurs. These efforts waste time and money (while costing you lost opportunities and potentially delaying projects).

So how do you write and publish B2B copy without jargon—and without endless hours of rewrites?

Someone may write good advertising copy but when it comes to writing copy for consulting and coaching, Tom has remarkable talent and skill in getting ideas across in a clear, concise and compelling way. He also cut my writing time by 50%.
— Eugene Moreau, Certified Master Coach, Author

The 5-Step Publish-Ready System




What makes me different from other B2B copywriters?

My clients hardly ever rewrite their copy.

Many copywriters promise several rounds of rewrites for their clients. Because those copywriters don’t collaborate with their clients like I do, clients have to keep revising the copy until they’re satisfied.

In contrast, I work with clients to nail the copy in the first pass, nearly 100% of the time. That means clients avoid endless rounds of rewrites, which saves them the headache of supervising a writer over and over again.



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Benefits of Working with B2B Copywriter Thomas Clifford

✔ Faster writing and publishing times
✔ Persuasive, prospect-focused content
✔ Structured content that flows seamlessly

✔ Clear, concise, compelling copy from complex concepts
✔ Jargon-free copy
✔ Exclusive access to templates

✔ Single point of contact
✔ On-time delivery
✔ On-budget accountability

✔ Free coaching tips on writing persuasive copy
✔ Professionally proofread copy (by two proofreaders)
✔ A sense of accomplishment and desire to keep moving forward